Daniel Summary: Things to Remember in Daniel

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by Frank Carmical

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General Information:
I preached this sermon on Sunday morning, 1-22-12 at Lafayette Bible Chapel in Lafayette, Louisiana  USA.

Sermon Title: Things to Remember in Daniel

Sermon Passage: Several passages from the Book of Daniel

Sermon Purpose:
To summarize the Book of Daniel in a memorable fashion, giving people key numbers, names and chapter summaries to help peg the contents of the book in people’s minds.  Also to close the series on Daniel in an uplifting and inspiring way to build peoples’ confidence in God and His Word.

Overall Evaluation: 
People told me later this sermon was the best in the Daniel series!  I believe I accomplished the goals I set out to do. 

1. The “Daniel by the numbers” use of 1, 2, 3, etc was creative and helpful.
2. The chapter summaries using creative titles and key verses was helpful—I was even able to have fun with a couple of them: Crazy like a Cow, Wide World of Angel Wrestling! Smile
3. The long testimony about my experience in Burundi, Africa gave people a modern-day application of the Book of Daniel.
4. The powerpoint visuals and photos helped make this sermon memorable.
5. The quote from Dr. Halley and finishing on God Himself gave the sermon the lift and inspiration I wanted at the end!

1. The title could be improved. It sounds like a shopping list for Walmart! Frown
2. I had to go really fast, to cover everything.  You will note that I left out several verses I’d planned to read because of time—compare the manuscript to the audio or video.
3. The testimony from Africa could have been interpreted by someone that I was a little too taken with myself and my experience with the president of that country. I did not mean for that to be so, but it’s always the risk of telling any personal experience!
4. I have mentioned in earlier Daniel sermon evaluations of being too heavy on the intellect (head) or volition (will). This sermon, though light on the will (challenges/applications) was strong on both head (mind) and heart (emotions). It’s hard to do all 3 in one message!

This sermon, more than any other in the series, hit the high notes I wanted to hit all along, to show that the Book of Daniel is not about history, prophecy, or a man by this name. It’s about God! I think that came thru in this sermon. That makes this the best of the series!

The grades I give myself on this sermon:
Number grade:
[on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high)]: 8.25
Letter grade:
[A (high) and F (low)]: B

*A lesson you can learn from this sermon:
When you have a long series of sermons or preach thru a book of the Bible, consider doing a concluding, wrap-up sermon to pull together all the pieces throughout and give people things to take away.  Although this series on Daniel has many weak places, I ended on a strong note.  I can’t imagine preaching any of the Bible’s really long books without doing something like this summary. Otherwise, people will only remember bits and pieces.

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