Daniel 11a: Daniel’s Prophetic Bridge Spanning the OT and NT

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by Frank Carmical

General Information:
I preached this sermon on Sunday morning, 1-8-12 at Lafayette Bible Chapel in Lafayette, Louisiana  USA.

Sermon Title: Daniel’s Prophetic Bridge Spanning the OT and NT

Sermon Passage: Daniel 11:1-35

Sermon Purpose:
Read every word of this chapter and attempt to help folks come away with some kind of handle for the incredible wave of prophecies given here.

Overall Evaluation:  By focusing on the big picture and some key personalities in this chapter, I think I accomplished the purpose stated above.  Preachers could approach this in 1 of 2 ways: either do such a big picture overview, they skip all detail and don’t even read a lot of the chapter, or do such a long verse by verse exposition that they lose the forest for the trees! I tried to bridge reading the whole text but only commenting on essentials with the big picture.  This is one of the challenges in OT texts like this kind as well as genealogies. How do we preach them?

1. I was able to make this passage more user-friendly by using modern comparisons (presidents and prime ministers) and by the powerpoint pictures (especially the video game shots for the younger people!)
2. Including the women and their lives in this historical soap opera gave us a break from the Book of Daniel’s non-stop testosterone as well as something interesting for our sisters out there!
3. The chance to present the history of Hannukuh gave a big lift late in the sermon.
4. Explaining the why’s of this chapter helped strengthen the So what? question in people’s minds!

1. A long sermon again!
2. I did not deal with the details in many verses—perhaps too many! But that would have made this sermon longer or forced me to chop up the chapter into yet another sermon.
3. For anyone who doesn’t like history or has trouble relating to names and places and events in history, this sermon could have been tedious!
4. Once again, I had to do some teaching, but there’s not much else you can do with this kind of material in the OT.

Comments:  This sermon gave me an opportunity to teach/present something rarely dealt with—the popular myth that God was silent during the 4 centuries between the OT and NT. The Book of Daniel, especially Dan 11, really is a bridge between the 2 testaments.  That illustration alone helped make this chapter have some relevance for folks who may have never read it or had any interest in it before.

The grades I give myself on this sermon:
Number grade:
[on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high)]: 7.25
Letter grade:
[A (high) and F (low)]: C

*A lesson you can learn from this sermon:
In spite of its flaws, this sermon gives a fair model of how to preach some of these long passages in the OT.  Though not perfect, I think this is at least an attempt to enter the No Man’s Land of the OT that is never trod by most preachers.  Let me challenge all of you preachers—don’t be afraid to attempt these great, difficult chapters. They too are God’s Word! God has something to say to us thru them! 

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