Daniel 6: God is Alive, and He is Able to Save Those Who Trust in Him

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by Frank Carmical

General Information:
I preached this sermon on Sunday morning, 9-25-11 at Lafayette Bible Chapel in Lafayette, Louisiana  USA.

Sermon Title: God is Alive, and He is Able to Save Those Who Trust in Him

Sermon Passage: Daniel 6

Sermon Purpose:
Read and cover every vs in this great chapter.  Do more than a children’s Sunday School approach to this famous story by giving them some meat to chew on!

Overall Evaluation:
This was my 2nd week to use Powerpoint, and this time, in addition to projecting the complete text of Dan 6, I also included pictures I pulled off the internet. This definitely created more interest among our congregation. Like last week, I stopped handing out the sermon manuscript at the beginning of the message and started handing it out at the end as people left. This has really helped people to pay better attention to me and look up at me during the message. Before I did this, things were more like a Sunday School class. Now it’s more like a sermon!

1. There were moments when I think I really lifted the people up and inspired them, such as the comments on prayer, suffering, and being conformed to the image of Christ.
2. Getting inside the king’s head and heart to understand what was motivating him and how he was feeling was helpful to get inside the heads and hearts of the hearers of this message!
3. I got challenges in at the end to both believers and unbelievers (the Gospel).

1. Clunky title—I managed to take one of the Bible’s best-loved stories and one of its greatest miracles and reduce it to a pedestrian summary even a seminary student would be embarrassed by! Frown
2. I borrowed the alliterated outline from Dr. Don Campbell’s commentary. When alliteration works, it’s fine. But if it’s forced or draws too much attention to itself, alliteration detracts from the sermon. I don’t think this particular alliterated outline detracts from my message, so this may be more neutral than negative.
3. Once again, way too long for a sermon. Even the lions would have fallen asleep during this one! Roar!—er, Yawn! Undecided
4. The chart paralleling Daniel and Christ was 100% pure grade-A Sunday School material!

I had fun with this message, trying to do a grown-up approach to the one of childrens’ favorite Bible stories. Perhaps I should have stuck with the idea that adults should become like children!

The grades I give myself on this sermon:
Number grade:
[on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high)]: 6.75
Letter grade:
[A (high) and F (low)]: C-

*A lesson you can learn from this sermon:
Every sermon needs a balance of intellect, emotions, and will. Or put another way: Every time you preach, speak to the head, the heart, and the heel—will they walk out and do something? This sermon was too much head and not enough heart and heel!

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