How to Preach

These preaching helps, along with my sermons, are the heart of this website. Helping you become a better preacher is why this site exists! I'm not a great preacher, but I can pass along to all of you what God has taught me over the years.

When I started preaching as a teenager, I just imitated other preachers. I was awful! When I studied at Dallas Seminary, I was taught an outstanding method of preaching, some of which you will receive here. But I still wasn't very good as a preacher. But over the years, by trial and error and after much practice and many mistakes, I have become a better preacher!
I will regularly post a series of articles to help you learn to preach or learn to preach better. These topics will include every aspect of preaching from how to study the Bible and how to prepare a sermon to which Bible translations are good to use to, how to evaluate your own sermons, and how to speak to various audiences.
All of this material is free of charge for you to use. Please bookmark my site and check back regularly for updates. And if you don't see a topic you need help with, email me and I'll try to answer you or post a new article dealing with your question! I'm here to serve you!

My sermons posted on this site are also a major resource for you to use. I include the full manuscript of each sermon with the powerpoint show I use to preach. There is also the audio and video of me actually preaching the sermon, where that's possible. You'll notice that I include specialty sermons to different groups, especially evangelistic sermons for those who don't know Christ yet.
These sermons are here for you to use, whether that's to just read or listen, use them for study, imitate them, steal them, and hopefully improve them! I really want to be your friend in preaching to serve you and help you become a better preacher!
God bless you!